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composite decking installationDeciding upon the best surface for your garden design should not be taken light heartedly. With every different surface material, many questions arise of how to maintain the surface, clean and ensure its longevity. Whether you are a home owner looking for a suitable surface for all weather parties or a play area for children. Or a business looking to resurface an external area for staff and the public there are a great many reasons why you might choose decking.

There are several designs of decking which you could implement into your garden design. Softwood, hardwood and composite decking each have their own qualities. The fantastic opportunity with decking is it can not only offer a single floor service, but be raised also. From walkways, to bridges, first storey extensions to a bedroom or as a siding to a water feature or pool.

Each type of decking has it upsides. Natural hardwood decking offers a finish second to none. Though the maintenance schedule needs to be adhered to regularly to achieve optimum status. Composite decking on the other hand is a fit and forget material. It's need very little require and its pluses are that the surface is non slip and suitable for children and pets alike. We can assist in deciding which material of decking is most suited for your situation.

We supply only the very best softwood and hardwood decking and can deliver and or install decking after a full survey has been completed to assess your needs and budgets. We build all structures on site and in a timely, efficient manner. Keeping mess and disturbance to a minimum, ensuring all spare materials and rubbish are cleared off the premises come the final hour.

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weathered vintage deckingInvariably, once an all weather decking has been put in place, you may wish to decorate the surrounding area and make the decking installation itself more attractive. This can be achieved through the use of same of similar material installs of Pergolas or Balustrades. Pergolas tend to be installed fro several purposes. Yes they look great as structures but they can also be used to hang lights, plants, grow crawling plants and offer protection from the sun and windy weather.

Balustrades are also a popular install to have put in place. Made from stone or fashioned from similar natural wood materials. They can help separate your dining or play area from the rest of the garden, Effecting a means of entrance and exit and allowing children to play while adults chat. If you are considering decking or are having problems choosing composite decking over block paving, give us a call for a chat. We can set up a short meeting to review your garden design and see which material will work out best.

Business with garden areas and side street dining areas such as restaurants know it is all important to get that design niche correct. Not only for the dining experience but to stay competitive against other businesses. Expanding your restaurant a seating area also allow for more covers in any single day. If you operate a restaurant or a business requiring composite decking, hardwood of softwood. Fashioned with balustrades or pergolas. We install decking in Hampshire, Southampton and surrounding areas so give us a call and we'll pop round for a consultation at your earliest convenience.