Our Southampton Garden Design Service Comprises of:

    • Garden Design Consultation, Proposal & Brief
    • Site Survey and Analysis
    • Sketch Design, Master Plan and Planting Plan
    • ¬†Project Monitoring and additional Garden Design Services


Landscape design is not only a work of art of its own standing but an extension of interior design. We understand that there are many uses for your garden and external area that you may wish to take advantage of. Through careful consultation and consideration of your ideas we will work to achieve a garden landscape design that is both functional and unique.

Ask us about Garden & Landscape Design in Southampton:

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Garden Design Consultation, Proposal & Brief

We primarily offer free garden design consultation in Hampshire within the boundaries of Southampton, Romsey and Winchester. The process begins with the completion of our quick enquiry form or through a brief chat on the telephone. We will meet to discuss your requirements and understand the style of garden you wish to create. The initial meeting allows us to contemplate a budget and if your garden dreams can be realised.

For areas outside of Hampshire and Chandlers Ford and Portsmouth, there may be a fee for consultation. All clients will receive our fullest attention on site. We will take notes of your current garden design and the parts which you wish to remain in place. Many people and businesses come to us with ideas that are unique but through years of landscaping experience we can take your creative notions and make them a reality that is both unique and surpassing expectations.

Site Survey and Analysis

After an initial design consultation should you wish to proceed with the next stage of the brief we can determine the full scale of the project. At this stage we would have already discussed the types of plants which can be used to offer both colour and visuals throughout every season. The topic of the garden, whether wholly British, rural and country side or an urban feel, even tropical, safari and Japanese. Materials and cost of labour will also be covered.

You may wish to have pergolas put in place, railway sleepers as separating walls or a mixture of composite decking, block paving and artificial turf. Every imaginable possibility will be covered in great detail. After which we will begin a full site survey taking measurements of your garden, understanding existing features and determining how much of each material will be required. Drainage is an all important aspect and if agreed, we will pursue with a soil PH test to ensure best management of plant growth on an ongoing basis.

Sketch Design, Master Plan and Planting Plan

There are two stages to arrive at before work can commence. This provides reassurance to both parties that the garden design is picture perfect as well as to the agreed budget. We can hand draw a sketch plan initially to portray your new garden’s final design. Complete with mood board to detail the concept of design, its particulars and the different plants and flowers in bloom. Additionally, we can interact over the internet with a CAD designed overview of the garden outlay, altering and making adjustments as requested.

From these two designs we then create a master plan. This is a very detailed drawing including all measurements, depths to be dug and areas created with full information pertaining to the materials used, the quantities and a full costing sheet before work begins, including labour. Furthermore, should your landscape garden design involve several different plants over the course of all four seasons we will proffer a full planting plan so you understand which flowers should be in bloom, maintained or replaced with new bulbs. Don’t worry, however, as we can still be on hand to assist or offer advice.

For instance a patio can both be an extension of your kitchen and an additional dining area complete with BBQ and seating area, also an entrance to your garden. An area to observe your garden’s beautification and a vantage point. Positioning of plants, walk ways and garden accessories and furniture is all important throughout each of the UK’s wonderful seasons.

Project Monitoring and Additional Garden Design Services

We undertake the majority of landscape garden services ourselves through our own team or contacts at a local level. In either case we offer a garden design project monitoring service to ensure all materials and plants are used and placed in the correct manner. We oversee all construction (for example for building home extensions to compliment your garden and increase space) and liaise with all parties as your garden is developed. Should you need advice or additional help with your new garden, six or twelve months down the line don’t worry we are only a phone call away, and offering local landscape garden service in Hampshire, Southampton and Winchester, enables us to pay a quick visit when required. Additionally, we can also assist with construction drawings should you require planning permission and lighting design plans.