• Brickwork is one of the oldest of building traditions and in the correct conditions can last an eternity. It is the type of walling that surpasses any and all contemporary designs and absorbs current trends. The brick or slab is ever changing, both in colour, size and stature. It is the one material that can morph and be used in many different ways.
    • We make use of both natural stone and manufactured bricks depending on the job at hand.gardenwall
    • Upon enquiry we will offer you a full design consultation to ensure your needs are met. We don’t just wish to build you a brick wall. Walling is an art that we pay special attention to. The lines, the development, the colour, shape and how it folds and surrounds your garden and property is all important.
    • After consultation we will deliver full plans detailing how much materials will cost and specific dimensions of each wall width, length and depth. We will also offer advice on any excavation tools that may be needed on site, especially if levels need creating before walls can be built.
    • Walling can be curved or straight, used to create stepped levels or form the basis of a BBQ or seated area. The qualities of brickwork and walling are relatively similar, it is their use in both design effect and function that makes the difference.

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Walling and brickwork also has strengths that is only matched by railway sleepers. Once built on sound aggregate with good foundations and drainage, with proper groundworks & building in place, it can hold back a whole upper level of soil without giving an inch. In many respects walling can achieve so much more than your average fencing panel ever can and you can achieve serenity of design throughout your garden and home too.

Walling can be used as both a security feature and to protect against privacy and prying eyes. Brick walls on the front of properties speak of stature and dominance. They can be topped with smaller wooden fencing or wrought iron fencing for a further design touch and level of security. Within the garden low level walls can be built out of red brick or natural stone. Cut to lay on top of each other with light cement piece work to obtain a surface which can hold back water, as well as soil and earth.

Walling can be used to great effect as fencing alone or as columns to attach fencing or as a base. We can build ponds and water features, low level walls for paths and dividers and for seated areas. The list of walling options is endless. We can even just build you a wall but where’s the fun in that? Call us today for a chat and we’ll come round for a free consultation and you can tell us what you want your walling design to be. Then we shall advise how we can make it happen and within budget too!