Why Use Avalon Landscapes for your new Patio…

    • We offer a full range of surfaces including stone, cobbles, block paving, as well as a wide range of natural stone flags. We can also implement sleepers and decking if required.
    • We are fully insured
    • We can design and install your patio, meaning a more straightforward and effective use of time, while keeping costs down
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Ask us about Patio laying/installation in Southampton & Winchester:

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patio overlooking waterside

Garden landscaping is often the last ideal to implement when building out your home, whether requiring significant groundworks or surface alterations. Often customers wish to make use of their garden and enjoy their external space without investing too much money at the outset. Patios are usually the first surfaces to be put in place after any lawn considerations, such as new turf.

What is important is that it is part of a bigger garden design plan, one we can help you instigate. Whether your garden investment is over years or months, we can help you choose what to implement first.

By using our free consultation you can take full advantage of planning your garden without spending a penny. Then when you’re ready and if a patio installation is all you need for now, we can look at scheduling the rest of your garden’s design over the course of the next few years.

Choosing the correct patio design is what will set your garden aside from many others. Some people choose crazy paving without realising what might follow. A pond, a play area, chiminea, lighting, outdoor parties in the summer. Perhaps flagstones or block paving would be better suited? Will you install pergolas or balustrades in the future? Will that cascading water wall require some thought before a patio is laid?

As specialists in patio landscaping in Hampshire for both businesses and homeowners we can offer a full patio design service. After which we implement the agreed design within a specified time period. Consider us the intermediary between builder and landscape architect. We have the knowledge and product source ability to help make your garden or external premises a beauty to behold. When you invite us to your home or business, we do so on the premise that it won’t be our last. We know this patio is just the beginning so will assist with all our design prowess and ensure you plan for the future growth of your garden.

Through our suppliers, we have a great wealth of different natural and formed stones which will provide the look you are seeking. Some flagstones feel different underfoot, others are more suitable for children. Our block paving and concrete features are as imaginative as the ideas you provide and even then we will add our own touch should you agree. Sandstone, slate, marble, Yorkstone and concrete paving – we have installed them all.

Give us twenty minutes of your time and we will arouse your senses with a recommendation of materials and ways in which your garden can play to its strengths. Flat surfaces, stepped, lowered seating and full on garden design services to integrate sauna, pools, ponds, dining and cooking areas are a speciality. For patios in Hampshire, Southampton and Winchester and the surrounding area, call Avalon Landscapes for a professional service which departs your property as we found it, of course, with patio intact.