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With flooding becoming an increasingly important concern for people across the country, and construction projects needing to consider their impact on the environment, drainage solutions have become an even more crucial element of the building process.

There are many services that drainage contractors provide, and they all help to reduce the build-up of excess surface water. This can be a problem as pools of water can form and disrupt the usability and appearance of car parks and other flat land belonging to a business or property. This can then make it more difficult for customers and visitors to access structures and navigate the land.

And if surface water drains away inefficiently, it can damage nearby grass and soil. Usually, you won’t see much water pooled in open spaces belonging to a company or property, and that’s because they’ve implemented appropriate drainage solutions. They control the flow of water smoothly and sustainably.

Drainage Systems – No Problem!

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Also, there is now an emphasis on protecting the environment and avoiding excess pollution, and therefore traditional drainage systems are falling out of favour. If polluted water spreads away from where it was pooled, then it can cause problems in the local ecosystem, and if discovered, can damage the reputation of the landowner where the pollution originally took place. That’s why it is important to implement a drainage solution that also includes removing pollutants in the water before it is distributed back to the natural environment.

One way to achieve this is to mimic the rain by not using the piping methods that traditional drainage solutions opt for. This is not only better for the environment but better for your budget too, as they cost less to put in place compared to the common approaches. It’s also important to have a method that treats the water naturally, especially as you can end up with a lot of it during winter.

Our Blocked Drains Service Covers Southampton, Winchester & Eastleigh

And here at Avalon Landscapes, we’re able to provide you with just such a drainage solution. One that is environmentally-friendly whilst getting the job done and keeping the costs down. We handle every part of the water cycle, such as transferring water off of structures, storing it, and removing pollutants. Our systems will make sure that water can either be kept, treated, or returned to nature. We take on clients both in residential and in commercial settings.

A Drain Unblocking Service You Can Rely On!

All of this ensures that we are equipped to take control of the whole process from start to finish so that you don’t need to worry about dealing with water. We make sure that we deal with any water responsibly, and we don’t let any pollutants make their way into the land nearby. This will solve one major responsibility of any construction or renovation project, which is sustainable water treatment.

That will help to protect you from any complaints or legal proceedings, and it will enable you to have peace of mind that your structures and surfaces are optimised for drainage. All you need to do is let us know what your circumstances are, and we will create a drainage solution that takes care of all your surface water for many years to come.