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groundworks hampshire Southampton Groundworks

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The ground is the literal beginning of any building project. It’s what you walk on and drive over. So it stands to reason that it needs to perform its function properly.

This is true whether it is a driveway, footpath, garden, or patio. Some of the jobs that can be included in groundworks include laying decking in your garden, creating a drainage system, paving over your land, digging foundations, and pouring concrete. The common practice of laying tarmac is also classified as belonging to groundworks.

southampton groundworks Southampton Groundworks

Without groundworks, a construction project would never get started, let alone finished. That’s why it is so important to ensure they are completed properly. If your ground isn’t level, or there are other problems with the land, then you’ll have long term problems that will cost time and money to correct.

Groundworks are also important for landscaping purposes. If you’d like to have an exquisitely designed garden or outdoor space, then you need to have high-quality groundworks performed before the rest of the project continues.

That will involve some of the jobs that we mentioned above, but there are some other major ones too, such as fixing roads, clearing debris, digging trenches, and any other necessary and significant ground alterations. The discipline doesn’t involve only building and maintaining, but demolishing unnecessary structures and clearing away potentially harmful waste as well.

This means that when the time comes where you need groundworks performed, they have to be done by a team of qualified professionals who know how to do the work safely and securely. The same goes for submitting appropriate building regulations for approval by local councils.

This is because each job requires particular techniques to complete successfully, plus a lot of heavy machinery often needs to be used. That means you’ll need people who are trained in completing groundwork tasks and can manage the techniques and processes that are involved. Plus they will also need to follow all of the health and safety regulations that apply to the construction industry.

So when it comes to picking a team to do your groundworks, it requires people who are experienced and reliable. People who can deal with all the equipment, processes, and skills that have to be applied and managed during each job.

This makes Avalon Landscapes an ideal choice for you. We have had years of experience in the construction industry, especially in landscaping, which is a major component of groundworks.

We can deal with any size project and we have both residential and commercial clients. All of the tasks mentioned here are jobs that our team can handle. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us know your needs.

At this stage, we will assess the scope of your project, and devise a plan to complete it. Then, once we have a step-by-step plan made, we will commence the work, with your approval.

A timescale and estimation of the overall costs will be provided to you before this so that you are confident to proceed. You’ll know exactly what you are paying for; as well as what to expect from us.

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