We use and recommend Peter Yeates ARB for all our tree work.

Our Southampton Tree Services comprise of:

      • Tree Removal
      • Crown Thinning
      • Crown Reductions
      • Planting
      • Stump grinding
      • Firewood


Contact us for an estimate on Tree Services in Southampton today:

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How does your garden grow? Too quickly is often the answer. Both home owners, businesses and councils find it difficult maintaining their gardens of interest. Often needing to turn to tree surgeons and landscape garden services to meet their needs. Trees have an habit of growing and expanding however they wish, which may not be in the best interest of nearby properties, paths or passing transportation.

We offer both large scale and small scale tree services from pruning home owner hedges and trees to full services for parks and public spaces. Inherently nature does a grand job of taking care of itself. Though through those natural effects such as continual rainfall and heavy winds, trees become unsafe and tilt. We are fully qualified in many aspects of tree maintenance and can attend to emergencies with regards to tree services in Hampshire, Southampton and Winchester.

For home owners we can offer a regular service throughout the year to meet the demands of the changing seasons. Pruning bushes and trees whenever necessary to keep branches from either touching property or prevent a tree growing in ways a property owner doesn’t wish it too. For businesses we offer a similar service. If your premises has multiple trees we can offer crown lifting, crown reduction and ensure your tree lines are well kept and any safety issues attended to before they occur.

Councils and those with larger areas such as zoos and conservation areas will require ongoing work to manage their areas of natural interest. A full plan can be conceived with regards to regular tree pruning and decision making on tree crown reduction, lifting and felling if necessary. We can also assist with tree removal should an emergency occur and full stump removal. There are certain laws, especially for public areas which have statutory heights of 2.5m over footpaths and 5.0m over highways with which we can monitor. We not only manage a trees growth and remove them but we can also offer replacement tree planting on top of any domestic and commercial pruning.

Any machinery that causes effects to lawns will be made good, we will also ensure all materials and garden waste is removed from the site upon completion. The beautification of your home, business or public area is of utmost importance.

Call today for a quote on our tree pruning services and full tree maintenance. We can be on site in the Hampshire area at short notice and offer free consultation for ongoing services to both home owners and business in the Romsey, Chandlers Ford areas and wider Hampshire county. Please fill out our quick enquiry form and a risk assessment can be carried out before work begins.