Gardens large and small and businesses with internal garden areas and external land can reap the rewards of beautiful water features. Today there is a vast technical understanding of designing both traditional and contemporary water feature designs. Whether your garden is uneven, hilly or stepped, our landscaping artists can redevelop your land and offer wonderful water based areas.


Installing a new water feature is not easy and careful planning is required before any work begins. By utilising our design services we can ensure that every technicality is taken care of. AdeptĀ at offering unique designs, we can put in place a variety of water features to suit. From fountains and jumping jets to waterfalls and water walls. Though if you wish for a more calming pond, rill or pool this can be provided also.

If you would like an estimate to have a water feature added to your garden please get in touch:

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In the modern age, we can incorporate any number of water sources to keep in with the trend of renewable sources. If you have access to a river, stream or active well, we can tap into theseĀ sources to enable a more natural development process. Negating the need of underlying costs from using the water supply. Through the use of pumps and water collection tanks you can enable a constant stream of water that is both renewed from source or reused within a pump system. Ensuring you do not fall foul of any laws on restriction of water use.

We can advise on the best use of compatible materials to both enjoy and make the most of a garden that maximises the water feature that is put in place. Composite decking is a fantastic material that can be used alongside any water based frontage. As well as surrounding a circular feature.

Railway sleepers can be used in tandem with flower beds to surround waterfalls and patio steps with block paving designed to suit any contemporary water walls. A water feature can be made to offer a serene scene or play a part in a wider hydroponics system which feeds into plants and flower beds. Ensuring water cannon and hose use is kept to a minimum. We are only ever a phone call away, please call for advice or consultation to discuss the best ideas and concept for water features in your garden or business premises.

Features involving water do not always need to be in the garden either. There are a great many business premises and homes which use water features as areas to relax, as well as in the kitchen and bathroom. Some of the grandest homes in the country have water walls flowing into their bath. As with any garden feature there are a great many plants and natural stone that can accompany the design process. Water based plants that feed off the nutrients in the water can keep maintenance down.

Decorative stone can be placed at the bottom of ponds, surrounding a fountain and other amalgamations of slate and pebble can be used as stepping stones for streams to bypass. Call today and share your ideas and we promise that together we will develop a design that will both compliment and invigorate. As always we will carry out the work to the highest of standards ensuring we leave your home or business as it was found.